VoIP Phone Systems

Increase your company’s productivity with a new VoIP phone system you have the ability to decrease the maintenance of your systems. Alternative Network Solutions provides both on-premise and hosted solutions.

Hosted solutions have a lower up-front cost but rely on the Internet. They are paid for with a monthly fee.

On-premise systems required phone system hardware and phone service to be installed at your location. The phone system does not rely on the Internet and typically is a one-time payment.

On-Premise Phone Systems

Alternative Network Solutions can work with your team to provide you with a class-leading phone system and phone service. 

Our team has expertise in multiple site deployments, training, and maintenance.

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Hosted Phone Systems

Alternative Network Solutions can help set up and support a hosted VoIP phone system for your business. We recommend using RingCentral.

RingCentral provides all the features of a traditional phone system without the need for upfront hardware investment.RingCentral Office - Get All the Features You Need in One All-Inclusive Cloud Phone System

Hosted Fax

Reliable web-based faxing for your business. You can send faxes from a website. There is no hardware required to use this service. Alternative Network Solutions recommends RingCentral for hosted faxing.

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