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Cloud office packages provide common productivity tools in a web-based environment. These tools include email, word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software. Customers will always have the most current software versions, with all security updates supplied.

Because a third party hosts the servers, the hosting company provides all backups, maintenance, and performance and uptime monitoring. This removes the requirement to use your internal resources to perform these tasks. You are also spared the requirements of upgrading server performance or storage as your organization grows. You also gain additional security because you do not need to expose servers on your network to the Internet. We have tools to provide additional backups and security options to ensure your data is safe.

Using Microsoft 365, you can use your company’s domain name for sending and receiving emails. We can help move your existing email and files from another service to Microsoft 365.

For more information on how Alternative Network Solutions can help your company move its productivity software into the cloud, contact us today.

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